Thoughts (Artist Statement)

Photography is emancipation from this chaotic world of madness. This freedom is but a panacea which allows myself to immortalize (shape, and even reshape) the moment. I watched, listened, transpose, and yet never fully understand what’s there. That said, what I captured is what I perceived in that moment. It is never meant to be studied. It is just a relief for me, taking a breath of fresh air and freeze a moment in life’s passage of time. Hopefully photography could be a elixir for someone else too.

Photography is art and science. Van Gogh couldn’t paint the sunflower without the brushes and the paint, the paper, yet the sunflower will not exist without Van Gogh. Each is interlocked with another – the vision, thought, interpretation, media, execution … This unity of processes is chosen, uniquely chosen by the artist. He chose the colors to use. He chose the paper to draw on. He chose to draw the sun flower. None is having more importance than the other.

The ability to choose a subject matter (for what it was worth), to let go and to choose again, over and over again, relieves me from the imprisonment time and space, and, at the same instance, fulfills my artistic longing and obsession. The magic addiction of this artistry can’t be stopped, in that, like a river, it constantly wedges deep at the back of the mind, ever an insomnia for you. This is how I conceive my freedom from chaos, creating imagery that hopefully would last at that moment in time.

I was born with “hole” in the heart, I know I can never fill that one hole with my freedom. The freedom is too big; too much. I am bad. I steal. I learn and unlearn. I learn from everyone. At the same time, incongruous to these pursuits, I remind myself never to fill that hole. My creative freedom is all borrowed, it is all stolen… my freedom was forged in this sun burned land. It is in this police state and a garden city, that I policed it technically with my life – my eyes and though processes. It is in this antagonistic and assimilative place, that I was policing; Anthony ignited a spark in me; Peter became my tambourine man; George ensured that needle tore a hole; Chang made sure I follow them in jingle jangle morning. It is my choice to become agitated and be inspired to create, something out of nothing. They just showed the way.

a gun for hire, like Newton I was. Being contracted to shoot for more than a decade, seeing the world, the people, the story. For those whom I had worked with and tolerated my nonsense, I feel privileged and thank you. For this wonderful homebound train ride is amazing. People board and disembark, sometimes board again, but I will always see and remember what is being left for me.

The door to Neverland, however, is limited. It will shut one day. All I wish for is to keep myself ever ready… All I wish for is to be right here.

KC Eng

photographer, Singapore

KC Eng, Singapore Tourism Board Brand Personality

It is a honour to be selected by Singapore Tourism Board to be Explorer Tribe, Brand Personality. Roz followed me around Singapore, I showed her some interesting places hidden within the lion city.

KC Eng Biography

KC is a self-taught Singaporean Photographer, with over 15 years of experience. He spent his formative years in Singapore and was trained in Electronics Computer Engineering before embarking on his first career as Radar Specialist with The Republic of Singapore Air Force. KC remembered vividly, the moment when he knew what he truly wanted to do - it was the close of an ordinary work day when he caught the sun setting against the background of fighter jets, and he has been chasing light and shadows since…

He launched his full-time commercial photography career in 2003, and strives in his work to portray the juxtaposition of light, shadows, geometry and time. He is fascinated with observing people, expressions, moods, atmosphere, and places - and to capture these moments in time.

KC's training in engineering has helped him hone and master in-depth knowledge of his equipment and imaging tools for his craft - to provide an unusual perspective through the use of specialised techniques to evoke a feeling, bring back a memory, relive a moment in time, and tell a story.

He enjoys wandering the streets of Singapore, and traveling to understand and find inspiration in other countries for his photography, as evident in his eclectic portfolio of work which includes fine arts, commercial, travel/street and fashion.

KC has been a Leica Ambassador Asia Pacific in 2016. His work has been showcased in various local, regional and international exhibitions, commercial projects and print media, including the esteemed "inFashion" of Leica Fotografie International.

To foster collaborations and in the spirit of #PassionMadePossible, KC Eng delves beyond the surface and uncovers stories behind every corner in Singapore. In 2018, KC was made Brand Personality of Singapore Tourism Board.

Based out of Singapore, he enjoys his free time in-between chasing light and shadows with his family, and pursuing his other love of modern Japanese martial arts Akido.


Group Exhibition

1. 2004: Ngee Ann Photographic Exhibition Poked!

2. 2017: Celebration of Photography at ION Art Gallery, ION Art presents Photography Series 2017 in collaboration with Leica Galerie Singapore.

Online Showcase

1. 2007 inFashion, Leica Fotografie International, LFI Exhibition

Private Exhibition

1. 2008: A Heaven in Wild Flower - Moovtravel Gallery, 33 Perak Road, Singapore 209149.

2. 2008: Closed - Moovtravel Gallery, 33 Perak Road, Singapore 209149.

3. 2009: As We See It - Orchard Singapore


1. International Photography Awards 2008, Honorable Mention, People Portrait: Attica.

2. International Photography Awards 2008, Honorable Mention, Fine Art: Landscape: The Bronze Road.

3. International Photography Awards 2008, Honorable Mention, People Culture: poked! Prominent Projects:

Prominent Client Portfolio:

- Abacus

- Aquabambinos

- Ascott Limited

- Baristo Coffee

- Bespoke

- Brainy Moves

- CapitalLand

- Changi Airport

- Changi Jewel

- Chiva Som

- Citibank

- Clozette

- Cold Storage Singapore

- Corelle

- CorningWare

- Courts Singapore

- Dairy Farm


- ERC Institute

- Esplanade

- Exclusiv International

- Fo Guang Hang

- The Fullerton Hotel Singapore

- Gaint Hypermarket

- Global Indian International School

- GovTech Singapore

- Guardian Singapore

- Hua Lian Pawnshop

- Imagin8ors

- Intercontinental Hotels Group

- Integrated International School



- JonDavidson

- Koenigsegg

- Leica AG

- Marks and Spencer

- Moov Sports

- Moov Swim

- National Environment Agency

- Nike

- Olive Ankara

- Pan United Corp

- People's Association

- Philips Lighting

- PowerSeraya

- Preco Precision Technology

- Public Utilities Board

- PV World

- Pyrex

- Retailtech

- Rexsson Technology

- S3 Futsal

- Seven Eleven (- 7-Eleven)

- Singapore Airlines

- Snapware

- Sourcecode

- South East CDC

- South West CDC

- Spuds & Aprons

- The Ritz Carlton

- The Strength Yard

- Tong Hai Yang

- Triumph International

- United Pawnshop

- Urban Redevelopment Authority of Singapore

- Visions

- Waikiki Dive Centre

- Watsons Personal Care Stores

- World Kitchen Asia Pacific

KC Eng Photography
A Necessity for Freedom

KC Eng Photography

Wanderer's Voyage

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