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KC Eng.

Singapore Photographer.

Leica SL ambassador, Leica Singapore.

For all enquiries please contact


510 Bedok North St. 3 #01-15 Singapore 460510

KC Eng, a fine art singapore photographer with more than a decade of experience in photography. He loves to roam the streets of Singapore as well as travel to other countries to find inspiration and capture the artistic language between light and time, culture and place, moment and history. He chases the light, capturing the decisive moment, immortalising memories.

Trained in engineering, Eng’s background has helped him master in-depth knowledge of his equipment and imaging tools he uses. He diligently observes any scene to capture quintessentially key elements of scale, people, geometry, background, composition and illumination, though not necessarily in that order. These elements are artistically balanced for achieving the image he desires as a fine art photographer, bridging between art and science of image creation. Eng’s images have been showcased in various exhibitions and magazines, including “inFashion” of Leica Fotografie International.

I want to capture that language between light and time, and bring it out with the lens of my camera. KC Eng’s photo portfolio includes fine art pieces, commercial photography, travel/street photography, fashion photography, all through his unique eye for fine art.

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